The team
As most of us are products of our own life-saving work therapy program, we know how to sell a mission and bring a vision to life.
Kendl Ferencz

Kendl traces her interest in design to her early years, collecting CD covers and taping them to her walls as "decoration," much to her mother's dismay.  Kendl enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband (and also her dog Brucie, and two black cats, Toby and Lux), making trips to the desert, and caring for her plant, Agnes.

Greg Kestenbaum

Creative Matters’ co-director looks like someone who might teach your kids high school English. And that’s because he did teach high school English—emphasis on the high. In his spare time, Greg enjoys cycling and reading books.

project manager
David Pflaster

David has always been interested in creative endeavors, be it learning guitar by ear, teaching himself photography, or creative writing. When he’s not managing projects at Creative Matters, David still enjoys taking photos.

Kali Arvidson

Kay Arvidson spent much of her youth doing crafting projects while listening to audiobooks with her hamster Daisy, so it was only logical that she’d end up studying Studio Art and Graphic Design at APU. After producing art at work all day, Kay goes home and does more art: block printing, painting, and collage are her specialties.

Forest Tartikoff

Although they attended Calarts for animation and illustration, it was not until Forest interned at Creative Matters that they learned graphic design. They have the rare gift of being able to combine their old-school skills with illustrating to their new school skills of designing high-quality graphics. In their off time, they enjoy listening to electronic music while dancing with fire.