Let’s discuss what you’re all thinking: You’re an office full of ex-junkies. Yup. We are mostly staffed by recovering addicts who have found their passion in writing and design. While we have far exceeded our humble beginnings as just a few goofballs in the closet, we still honor our mission to train addicts in creative work and the basic elements of employment: how to show up on time, meet deadlines and work on a team.  

Why it should matter to you: We produce design, copy, photography and video that make audiences hungry for social impact. We create for you as if our lives depend on it, because they do. Crazy? Oh yeah. But we’re obsessed with telling stories that connect and heal communities. Stories that matter. 



Friends with benefits

Since the beginning, Creative Matters has been fortunate enough to have friends and partners who help to support and grow our agency. We could not exist today without the transformative Cutting-Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation, a grant from The Erwin Rautenberg Foundation, and the ongoing support of the Ross Endowment Fund. We also couldn’t have done it without the many helping hands along the way. We thank you.

Adlai Wertman (USC)//Avi Reichental (3D Systems)//Gary Wexler (Non Profit Revolution Now)//Harriet Rossetto (Beit T'Shuvah)//Johnathan Gitlin (Create Agency)//Jack Bender (Producer/Director)//Josette Lata (Art Producer)//Joshua Avedon (Jewish Jumpstart)//KDG Technologies (Website Development)//Larry Kopald (Kopald/Stranger)//Moshe Elad (First in Printing)//Paul Bina (Design Print Center)//Paul Silver (QuickSilver Printing)//Peter Stranger (Kopald/Stranger)//Rabbi Mark Borovitz (Beit T'Shuvah)//Russell Coon (Website Development)//Russell Kern (Kern Agency)//Shawn Landres (Jewish Jumpstart)//Ted Eccles (Quark Entertainment)//The Wonderful Company Team//Zizi Zarkadas (Art Producer)


Our Services

We have daring designers, crafty copywriters, posh photographers, a visionary video team (we’re good at alliterations), and dedicated account managers. We’re a fearless bunch and we want to make something extraordinary with you.